FORTEDEPOT CO.,LTD is a young start-up company that operates its own brand through domestic and foreign warehousing models! The company currently has two major global brands, "SOLVEX" and "FUMETAX", a omestic distribution center, and three overseas storage bases in Mexico, Indonesia and Colombia!

Since its operation in September 2018, the company has set up a number of stable and efficient localized sales teams in domestic and foreign markets, committed to the differentiated promotion of independent brands at home and abroad; it has built a stable and reasonable supply chain system to ensure unified product quality standards and inspection standards! At the same time, through domestic distribution centers and overseas warehousing bases, logistics distribution is timely and efficient; through a unified ERP business system and Ding Talk management software, a unified vertical management model at home and abroad is formed.

In line with the vision of "Everyone is an expert in life!", the company will continue to deeply cultivate product development in the vertical field and constantly launch DIY products that are more suitable for life; it will make full use of the overall advantages of MADE IN CHINA to integrate a more scientific and highly matching supply chain system; it will clearly establish the value of "Talent is the first productivity" and create a core team more suitable for the company's development! In the end, through diversified sales channels and service windows, the business dream of the independent brand "MALL" model will be realized!